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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Cultural Geography – Prof. Dr. Matthew G. Hannah

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Members of the Cultural Geography Working Group are currently engaged in a range of individual and collective projects that cut across the traditional sub-fields of human geography as well as adjoining disciplines. 

Fittingly, border-crossings and border dynamics - whether in the case of migrant identities, the formation of place-identities, cross-boundary transformations and translations of scholarly discourses, boundary expanding spaces of nature and culture or regional and urban processes of transformation in the wake of climate change and sustainability and their cultural geographic embeddedness - form one important focus of our research.

These concerns are articulated within a broader interest in historical and present-day geographies of power-relations, particularly with regard to gender issues, intersectionality and forms of governmentality, shared by all members of our working group.

Areas of research and projects:

  • International Post Graduate Programme "Cultures of Speculation" (Hannah, Hutta, Schemann)
    Cooperation with the University of California, Davis; application in preparation

  • Attention and Geographical Practice
  • Washington DC between Biopolitics and Sovereignty

  • Affects and Emotions
  • Geographies of Power
  • Citizenship and Transnationality

  • Cultural Geographic Aspects of the Sustainability-Transformation Problem
  • Vulnerability and Resilience in the face of Climate Change
  • Resource Conflicts and Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Humanities & Multispecies Studies
  • Biopolitics (Foucault, Agamben, Esposito)
  • Graffiti & Streetart
  • Ruins & Urban Exploration

  • Queer Planning: Trans*Feministic Urban Planing & Spatial Production

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