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hannah Prof. Dr. Matthew G. Hannah

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Cultural Geography

Prof. Hannah has taught and conducted research for 20 years, first in the US (University of Vermont), then in the UK (Aberystwyth University), and, since September 2013, at the University of Bayreuth.  His interests range across historical geography, political geography, critical human-geographic theory, and include regional specializations in the USA and Germany.  Research projects carried out to date have revolved around two questions: (1) how geographically organised state knowledge (censuses, trade statistics, etc.) came to form a fundamental infrastructure for modern "arts of government", and, turning the first question around, (2) which sorts of spatial power relations have made possible (and what forms of resistance have hindered or altered) the development of such modern knowledge-infrastructures. 

These issues have been approached via a series of concrete empirical case studies: (1) a study of how the US Goverment attempted, during the 1870s, to re-shape spatial aspects of the lives of the Oglala Lakota ("Sioux"), in order to render them "governable" in a modern Western sense, and of how the Lakota circumvented and ultimately steered the process; (2) a broader study of the way the US census was developed into a modern tool of government in the late-19th century United States; (3) a study of controversies in 1980s West Germany surrounding the federal census. In all of these instances, the work of Michel Foucault has served as a fruitful source of questions and a touchstone of interpretation.

His most recent book, published in 2019, addresses the neglected concept of "direction" in socio-spatial theory, arguing that as the well-known "shrinkage of distance" continues to intensify, everyday practices in the Global North are coming to be structured ever more centrally by directional processes of turning from one thing to another. This shift has profound implications for the nature of socio-spatial order. His next major empirical study addresses his home town of Washington DC as a multi-scalar political "space of exception", in which the entire range of modern spatial power relations intertwine to form a complex material and symbolic place.


Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Cultural Geography



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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Chair of Cultural Geography

Prof. Dr. Matthew G. Hannah
Head of Chair

Room: 149, GEO II

Telefon: +49 (0)921 / 55-2272
E-Mail: matthew.hannah@uni-bayreuth.de

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