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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Cultural Geography – Prof. Dr. Matthew G. Hannah

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Members of the Cultural Geography Group are currently engaged in a range of individual and collective projects that cut across the traditional sub-fields of human geography. 

Fittingly, border-crossings and border dynamics, whether in the case of migrant identities, the formation of place-identities at international boundaries, or cross-boundary transformations and translations of scholarly discourses,  form one of our areas of concentration (Hutta, Teufel, Hannah).  These concerns are articulated with broader interests in historical and present-day geographies of power-relations, particularly with regard to gender issues and forms of governmentality, shared by all members of the Group. Our historical-geographic interests extend as well to tranformations in embodied practices of consumption (Calba) and the "traveling ideas" of mid-20th century economic discourses (Hannah).

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